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Sweet Potato Curry

What started out as soup went on to become some kick ass
curry! I skinned and boiled the sweet potatoes and mashed them with my
hand mixer. I added the coconut milk and the veggie broth. I
added the following spices: garlic, ginger, tumeric, cinnamon and
cumin. I added sea salt to taste. Towards the end, I threw in
some dried shitake mushrooms. I got this HUGE bag at Costco for ten
bucks! It is like the size of a ceral box! Everyone had the
soup that night. There was plenty left over so I put it in a
container and into the fridge.

I refused to let it just sit and go bad so I heated it back up last
night and made some brown rice. I had an avacado that needed to
be used up ASAP so I tossed it in along with a red bell pepper. I
put the newly transformed curry onto the rice and topped it off with
cashews. I honestly couldn't believe my mouth. It was so
good! It was a huge hit! I think the fact that it sat overnight
gave the flavors a bit of a chance to blend together because it tasted
noticably better today and I didn't add any more seasoning.

So there ya go. Sweet Potato Curry!

Tags: ethnic food-indian-curries, vegetables-sweet potatoes/yams
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