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homemade energy bars/snacks?

Does anyone have a recipe for a homemade energy/snack bar that they would like to share? I used to be addicted to Clif Bars (I pretty much ate one a day - expensive and not really all that healthy given the nutritional info for most of the bars) but I got over that one during break. I tried a LaraBar for the first time as a splurge (b/c they are nearly $2 for one) one morning on my recent trip to LA and then picked up a few more when I saw them on sale at WildOats. I highly recommend them - they are raw food vegan energy bars - sooo yummy and they really do fill you up! :) I am looking for recipes for homemade vegan energy bars or snacks so that I can bring them with me when I am bopping around town/campus/whatever so that if I get hungry I can just pull it out of my purse and curb the hunger as opposed to caving in and spending $3-4 to get a drink and snack should I be lucky enough to be near someplace where I can get a vegan snack or wander on starving if I can't. I only saw one recipe in the memories - for someone's homemade granola bars but it had raisins in it and I dislike raisins muchly. So I am (to be more specific) looking for recipes for homemade vegan energy bars/snacks that are relatively cheap and easy to make and do not contain raisins. I will be in Australia next semester (er this semester but I don't leave until the 6th and my classes don't start until the 20th) and while the apartment I am staying in comes with a stocked kitchen and I am sure some of my roommates will bring some of their cooking stuff with them I do not expect to have access to a food processor (though you never know, I could be lucky). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!! :)
*~Mimi*~ O:-)
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