Monique (mixmaster_mo) wrote in vegancooking,

IMO...ever heard of this?

Okay party people. Yesterday my coworker tells me I just have to try this vegan dip she made. I took one look at it and said "Uh...what's in it?"

She goes on and on about this stuff called IMO. She says it's nondairy and her mother used to put it in fruit salads. I have never heard of this stuff in my life.

I spent yesterday and now today searching for it online to find out what it's made from.

I tried it yesterday after she swore to me that it was a-okay, but methinks it was a bad judgment on my behalf.

Is this IMO stuff vegan? Could anybody get me the ingredients list or point me in the right direction?
Tags: -is this vegan?, condiments-dips, substitutes-dairy-sour cream
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