lizalicious (dbl_entendress) wrote in vegancooking,

cranberry sauce/ chestnut puree

I took home a huge box of canned food from work last night, some that we don't sell anymore, some that are slightly dented, some that have no label, and it's time to start cooking, but there are a few mysteries to clear up first.

1. I have four jars of stonewall kitchen cranberry raspberry sauce. I'm thinking that I may be able to use it as a binder instead of applesauce and make pancakes, muffins, cranberry bread...any reason that wouldn't work?

2. I have five cans of chestnut paste, which is traditionally used with lots of chocolate, butter and rum to make a no-bake, flour free cake. I combined one can of it with some rum and a bunch of coconut, rolled it into little balls, froze them and dipped them in chocolate. They're good, but I'd like to find something else to do with the rest of it. any ideas? The paste itself is very sweet, so it doesn't need any sugar added, and it wouldn't be good in any kind of savory recipe.

Tags: fruits-cranberry, fruits-raspberries, nuts-chestnuts
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