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uber-chocolatey cookie recipe?

The Chicago Diner makes these huge, wonderful double-chocolate cookies dusted in powdered sugar. They're soft and rich and dark brown like a brownie, but tough enough to hold up in cookie form. And then there are ABC's double chocolate cookies, ridiculously rich. Half a cookie on Monday takes care of your chocolate cravings until Thursday and a whole cookie is almost enough to give you a caffeine headache.

Does anyone have a good recipe for uber-chocolatey cookies of doom? I know you can replace flour with cocoa powder in a regular chocolate chip recipe, which I frequently do with the Silk recipe, but that never comes out chocolatey enough without risking the success of the batch. I've got about 1 1/2 bars of Lindt bittersweet (half a bar of 70%, a whole bar of 85%) that need to be used (melt and mix in?), and also some cocoa powder to work with.

A dense, chewy cookie is desired, not anything really cakelike. Google turns up lots of nonvegan recipes with hardly any info as to the texture/crumb of the final product, or too many eggs to replace, or shortening (and the only stuff available nearby is hydrogenated brands). And (yes, I know, I'm picky) I'm really not a fan of bananas as egg replacers...though I do have some Lighter Bake as a fat replacer, which would be nice to use eventually--as long as the texture turned out okay, any remaining fruity flavor would be masked by all the chocolate, I'm guessing.
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