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soy yogurt incubation times

Since soy yogurt is 69 cents per 6 oz. at my grocery store, it's more economical to start making my own as per Bryanna Clark Grogan's instructions on her website. I contacted her earlier with several questions but I don't think I was clear on a couple of things--I asked her how tart the yogurt came out with her recipe, as supertangy yogurt tastes gross to me, and she assured me her recipe comes out very tangy.

On the site, it says soy yogurt has to be incubated longer to become tangier--BCG suggests 10-12 hours. A google search to see how long homemade dairy yogurt is incubated came up with 8 hours. Do you think it would be possible to incubate soy yogurt maybe 7-8 hours for minimal tanginess, or do the cultures really need 10-12 hours to set up properly? (I'd email her again but my earlier message included like 29356252 questions and I always feel like I'm bugging people ^_^;;)
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