icypumpkin (icypumpkin) wrote in vegancooking,

bundt cakes

i just purchased this pan : rose cake! (for only four bucks, too! but that is beside the point) and i'm looking for good bundt-y recipes.

i searched through the memories, and did not see much. so i thought, well, i'll just use a cake recipe, and bake longer. but. that made the edges and tops burn a bit, by the time the inside was cooked. so i did a search for bundt cakes, and that lead me to many recipes that seemed difficult to veganize.

any suggestions for recipes? i was thinking maybe a quick bread recipe, or a recipe that can bake longer than 30-45 minutes might work. but i'd love to find vegan recipes with this sort of pan in mind.
Tags: desserts-cakes-bundt
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