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Another Soymilk Question

I'm having the weirdest experience with a box of soymilk.

Things to know.
-The Brand is So Good
-The Flavour is Original
-It contains Flax Oil for Omegas
-When I bought it was a bit frozen
-It is not past the expiry date.

The other morning I poured myself a glass, and drank about 3/4 of it and left it on the counter for all of... 7 minutes.
When I came back I took a sip and while doing that noticed it had curddled. Of course I spat it out immediately into the sink. It actually didn't taste bad, or smell bad.
I took the box out of the fridge and poured some out.. and it was fine. And so I poured a little in a glass and let it sit on the counter for a while.. and it was fine then too.

Today I poured another glass because I figured that was just a freak experience... and after about a minute it started to curdle.

What's going on!?
Tags: -query-should it do this?, beverages-soymilk
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