taaaank (tendollarwine) wrote in vegancooking,

vegan in memphis?

Hey everyone, this isn't really a cooking question, but it involves food, so whatever. I'm going to Memphis next month and I haven't been there since I ditched meat and all that comes with it.. I've done some research and I can't seem to find much about vegan restaurants in the city..specifically on or around Beale Street. Does anyone on here live around there or know of any good places? So far all I can find are simple and boring meals [like the veggie sandwich minus cheese and stuff at the Hard Rock..and I'd still have to check the bread, and some salads and veggies at other places]. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. And if there are any fellow vegans in that area, then I promise you drinks and/or food in exchange for awesome tips. Thanks for whatever you can give me kids!
Tags: -off topic posts, -restaurants/regional-veganism/vacations
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