rock_grrl (rock_grrl) wrote in vegancooking,

new vegan

Hi everyone! I'm a new vegan but have been dabbling in vegan food for a year or so. I've been veggie for a while and decided to finally make the change to being vegan. I am slowly learning more recipies and own a few very handy vegan cook books. Although, I love to experiment with food so the cook books are really more of a guide. This is what I made tonight for dinner:

Brown rice cooked with mushrooms, garlic and fresh rosemary. Tofu cooked seperately in olive oil with fresh rosemary, pepper, fresh oregano and a dash of salt. Yum yum!

We have a large backyard with an herb garden so I love cooking with fresh herbs. They taste so much better then dried herbs. What are some favourite herbs for you? What are your favourite dishes to prepare with them?
Tags: grains-rice, herbs&spices
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