criticalcupcake (criticalcupcake) wrote in vegancooking,

miso alternatives? and a butter bean recipe request!

miso is very expensive everywhere I've seen it. aside from not being able to afford it when I make it to the healthy supermarket, I wouldn't know which kind to get if I did have the extra money.

are there alternatives to miso in recipes that call for it?

how long does a container last when you buy it, and is it something you generally keep on hand (also known as, "is it worth it?")?

also, I've got some butter beans in the pantry that I'd like to use. I could eat them by themselves with a little seasoning, but do you have any favorite recipes involving them? I didn't see any in the memories, but very well could've missed it/them.

Tags: beans(uncategorized), condiments-miso
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