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New recipe site

Hi -
I started a new recipe site. I decided it's my overall goal to eventually write a cookbook. Task #1 - create amazing recipes and put them online. So here's the site...
(All recipes are vegan or include veganization instructions but calling them vegetarian will get more site hits)

If these recipes look familiar, that's because I've posted them on LJ before. But I do have a new one on the site - the pumpkin pie recipe. It took me FOREVER to perfect vegan pumpkin pie and I FINALLY FINALLY did it after months of trying (I rule!).

If you like the site, pass it along to friends. It's small but growing every day.

Way down the road, I plan to create a cookbook and publish it as an e-book and/or on recycled paper w/ soy-based ink. It will have the same recipes but a pretty layout and other useful tools. I need to come up with more recipes first.
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