f (ex_akoya) wrote in vegancooking,

artichoke & sun dried tomato rotini (from how it all vegan).

i bought how it all vegan last summer, but i didn't really start using it until the past month or so. i made cookies from "the garden of vegan" (same person) and wasn't really happy with how they turned out so i wasn't sure how much i'd end up liking either cookbook. but wow this cookbook has really impressed me! i now have enough confidence in it to flip through, pick something (anything), and make it. even if it sounds strange or like something i might not like. quite a great cookbook. :) i haven't made much from "garden of vegan" yet, but how it all vegan is gooood.

one of the things i made was the artichoke & sun dried tomato rotini. the recipe has 3 things i'm wary of: sun dried tomatoes, aritchokes, and capers. but i could NOT believe how good it was. :D such a lovely surprise.

Tags: -cookbooks, pasta
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