tarwater's ghost (tarwatersghost) wrote in vegancooking,
tarwater's ghost

Bread making and almond butter questions

I just picked up a bag of 7-grain cereal (cracked wheat, cracked rye, etc.) that I'd like to use to bake bread today. I have a recipe into which I'd like to incorporate some of the cereal, but was wondering a) if I should cook the cereal before adding it to the bread dough, and b) how much I should increase the amount of liquid in the bread according to how much of the cereal I add.

Also, I just bought some unsalted roasted almond butter that was on sale at the local health food store. Aside from using it wherever I'd use peanut butter, I was wondering if anybody would have some interesting ideas concerning what else I could do with it.

Tags: techniques-breads
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