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delectable Tuffalo Wings w/ recipe and picture!

If you've ever had the buffalo wings from Red Bamboo in NYC, these tasted JUST
like it, but with tofu instead of seitan. The ones on the right (my lunatic
boyfriends) were coated with a sauce made of a bottle (a small one, of course)
of franks hot sauce, 1/4 cup melted earth balance, a little bit of apple cider
vinegar, a "squirt" of ketchup and some red pepper flakes. The ones on the right
(mine--a less "hot wing" type sauce), was 1/8 cup of the above sauce mixed with
1/4 cup of hickory BBQ sauce. My version was EXACTLY like the Red Bamboo wings!
We used sesame garlic dressing (as they do at Red Bamboo) for a dipping sauce.

To make the tofu super meaty, cut tofu into triangles, and freeze covered with
plastic wrap and foil for 48 hours. To thaw, cover the tofu with boiling hot
water (repeat that until all pieces are seperated and thawed). Fry it up in a
deep pan or fryer for about 2 minutes, and coat with the sauce. Mmmm.
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