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Wiebke - (pronounced Vepka) or Willow

TV show...need recipe ideas

Hi everyone,
it would be great if you could give me some input, just some brain storming needed:

There's this national TV show over here in Germany called Das Perfekte Dinner - five "hobby chefs" have to each play host for the other contestants for one evening and proof that they can present the perfect dinner. The other contestants are the jury for hospitality and cooking skills. I applied via email last week and the casting company called me monday for an interview by phone. It is very likely that I'll be on the show...maybe it'll even happen by the end of this month. Help!

So - as a friend of mine put it, make something exotic, something traditional and something creamy with chocolate, to show the variety of vegan food.

I'm currently leaning towards soup/salad for entree, sweet potato filled crepes with seitan/tempeh,...(?) and/or VwaV's maple glazed potatoes and string beans plus...? for entree, dessert is easy, a chocolate cheese cake, or cheese cake drizzled with chocolate, or cheesecake in chcocolate cookie crust.

I am a bit at loss with the main course,...and also if a coconut soup/orange salad (just read fatfreevegans latest post) would be OK before serving a more traditional entree...?

Thanks you all!!!
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