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San Antonio: Land of the Breakfast Tacos?

Quick back story: My fiance, Era, is a member of a hip hop collective here in town featuring musical groups, deejays, graffiti artists and the like. Many times they will put on a show and bring down some better known artists via Scion (as in the car). Scion has made it a point to be down with the youth and have sponsored monetarily many a show. In return, the guys take pictures of people holding Scion merchandise.

Anyway. Last week, I was reading the latest edition of Scion Magazine. The issue was centered on food and they talked a lot about vegetarianism. One article featured the writer trying different mock meats. What caught my eye and disgusted me was his commentary on Soyrizo. He absolutely LOVED it. He kinda went into gory detail about how real chorizo is made from salivary glands and lymph nodes. ::puke::

Earlier this week I informed my coworkers about it and they made me promise to make Soyrizo for them. This morning I gave Soyrizo and egg, tofu scramble and sauteed potatoes to an office full of anti-vegetarians. THEY ADORED IT. The tofu went fast, which kinda surprised me. Two coworkers swore they would never eat chorizo again and were super set on getting Soyrizo the next time they went grocery shopping. I feel victorious! Bwahahaha. They will be turned.

How often do your coworkers ask for tofu recipes?
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