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Oh no! Potential disaster!

Calling all vegan dessert whizzes! I need help!

I tried to make truffles for my boyfriend for Valentine's day following this recipe, but either my food processor is not tough enough to make this a smooth mixture, I suck at measurements, or that recipe is awful, because I currently have two bowls (I made one with raspberries, one with cherries) of chocolatey, slightly lumpy-with-walnuts, fruity goo in my refrigerator. They've been there for about 5 hours but don't seem to be getting any closer to truffle consistency. It is rather tasty, and I used up a lot of ingredients in it, so I would like to come up with some use for it, preferably a use that is tasty and presentable enough for a Valentine's day/2 year anniversary gift.

Any suggestions?

My dad suggested maybe using it as icing for some kind of cookie, and I was thinking maybe sandwich cookies or attempting to make the mixtures into brownies somehow, but I'm not sure what would work best.
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