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spring rolls!

I finally went to the asian market and came home with spring roll wrappers and three kinds of noodles. my first adventure: spring rolls! here we go:

cabbage and carrots! these were just sauteed in a little water.


my first ever spring roll was very perfect.

all together!


first, saute your vegetables (I just used a bit of water, not oil). when those are done, you get to prepare your rice paper! this could be a little tricky, because if you get it too wet, it won't be very easy to work with and could be kinda sticky. dampen a clean cloth and flatten it out on your work surface. fill a large bowl with hot water. pick up a single sheet of rice paper (one at a time!) and put one edge in the bowl. turn it until the entire disc is wet. carefully transfer it to the clean cloth and flatten it out. put about three tablespoons of your filling just above the "six o'clock" spot on your disc. fold over the side edges so that you've got a vertical rectangle with rounded top and bottom sides. roll up from the bottom to make a nice little spring roll. make sure it's tight enough! repeat until all your filling is gone. now you get to eat them all up or maybe share them with friends.

now I just need a dipping sauce. yum!
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