Roxanne (estrella_trash) wrote in vegancooking,

chocolate covered espresso bean question

I want to make my own chocolate covered espresso beans for valentines day. I'm kind of freaked out though that the chocolate wont stick on as thickly as on the espresso beans you can buy from those gumball machines. are there any special precautions i should have with the chocolate when i melt it down and cover the beans? any additives i should use like ener-g or arrowroot or anything? i know that when i've added soymilk to melted chocolate it did awful things (still tasted good mind you!) so im under the impression that only oil based is okay to add to melted chocolate (like peanut butter has never F-ed up a chocolate melting excursion for me). anyways the main question is the best way to make sure it sets up?
I'm also considering using a bar of chocolate i found at trader joes that is vegan and 'sugar free' but i can't remember the name of it. or is the baking chocolate sugar free to begin with?
Tags: beans-espresso, desserts-candy-chocolate
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