One Headlight (scissorsandlips) wrote in vegancooking,
One Headlight

Soy Chicken, TVP, and Soy Cheese

How come at whole foods, I can never find Morningstar brand fake chicken? Ive heard about the "Chickettes" and strips, and what not, and Id like to use them for chicken cheesesteaks and things. What section would they be in?

Also, I can never find the BIG chunks of tvp, all I can find are the granular little ones. I'd like making sandwhiches with these big chunks also, but I cant find them anywhere!

Any recomendations on good vegan cheeses for cheesesteak type sandwhiches? The kind that says "Vegan" on the front, and the plastic wrap is puple and clear, that stuff is NASTY!...I cant seem to find any other cheeses that are vegan.

Thanks in advance.

Tags: -convenience foods/packaged foods, -where do they sell this stuff?, substitutes-dairy-cheese, tvp (textured vegetable protein)
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