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Hawaiian Goddess Smoothie

While vacationing in Hawaii, I came upon the world's most heavenly smoothie at a Live Vegan Juicebar across the street from my hostel. It was so good, I drank it every day while I was there.

Once I got home, I was determined to recreate my smoothie. Today, I achieved success! I simplified the recipe and posted it on my site (Papaya Banana Smoothie Recipe)

If you want to go through the whole ordeal (it's worth it), get a pen and paper and start making a grocery list:

1. A papaya
2. A young coconut
3. A banana
4. Vanilla rooibos tea
5. Soymilk
6. Dates (whole, pitted, dried)
7. Macadamia nuts

Just a note - the restaurant in Kauai used hemp milk also in this smoothie. I didn't bother.

Day 1 -
Brew the vanilla rooibos tea and pour it into an ice cube tray. Freeze.

Open the young coconut and pour the coconut water into an ice cube tray. Freeze.

Freeze the papaya and the banana too. Before doing that, cut the papaya in half and discard the seeds. Cut each piece in half (so the papaya is in quarters) and cut the peel off. Much easier to do this BEFORE the papaya is frozen instead of after.

Day 2 - Stick it all in the blender and blend. I used 1/4 papaya, 1 banana, 2 coconut water ice cubes, 3 vanilla rooibos tea ice cubes, 1 c. soymilk, small handful mac nuts (less than 1/4 c.), and 3 dates. I also added 1 tsp. vanilla extract because the more vanilla flavor, the better. If I wasn't a cheapskate I'd add a vanilla bean.

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