earthsister (ex_earthsist869) wrote in vegancooking,

A mission!

The vegan parent's ultimate quest is to find new ways to serve healthy, nutrient-packed foods, particularly those in the dubious color schemes of green, orange, yellow, red, and purple, in tasty ways to the picky vegan child(ren).

Our heroine was jubilant to find the gorgeous, lustrous leaves of kale on sale last week. In her holding chamber (crisper) they sit, waiting their fate. Our heroine has no problem pleasing her own palate with kale. However.... in our quest today, there are not one, but three, picky palates to pleasure!

We're counting on YOU to help us find ways to slice/dice/flavor/saute/stew our kale, in the hopes that those who crave sweetness, salt, and bad TV dinners... will come back to ask for seconds!!! The end of the plight of the free worldfrustrated mom depends on YOU!


Tags: -kid approved meals, greens-kale
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