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Your Most Impressive Meal

So here is my dilemma, dear vegan friends. On Thursday, I am making dinner for this verrry special red-headed boy. This boy is very open-minded towards food & will not be wary of anything I make. He's a relapsed vegan & thus, will eat whatever I offer. He loves food, & is an amazing cook himself... So I need to step it up for this meal. My request of you, my lovely food geniuses, is to give me your best, your most wonderful, your tried & true recipes that are 100% guaranteed to impress any eat with an appreciative palate.

I have time to go to the market, I have time to prepare & I'm fairly handy in the kitchen. My only issue is that I don't have a blender, so anything involving blending is a no-no. I'm looking for main dishes, side dishes, meals you love that complement one another well, etc. Whatever you've got. So give me your best, darlings, because I want him to leave my house in love with me--or maybe just my food.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

P.S. Just taking this opportunity, while I have the stage, to say that I freaking love this place. It's like crack reading all these posts & their responses.
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