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Newbie's Burritos

Hey everybody, i'm a little newbie to this community so i felt that it is my duty to contribute something in my first post here! There is probably something much tastier in the community food glossary but this is something i threw together within 5 minutes and turned out to be a delicious lunch.

5 minute Burrito

• 2 La Tortilla Factory fat-free whole wheat tortillas
Imagine organic creamy broccoli soup (i used this as a substitute for guacamole)
• 1/4 cup refried beans (the taco bell brand is what i used and the ingredients in it looked safe)
• salsa
• chopped celery
• shredded cabbage
• diced green olives (or black)

Spread the refried beans on the tortillas. Drizzle desired amount of salsa over refried beans. Drizzle desired amount of creamy broccoli soup over beans and salsa. Heat in microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes. After heating the tortillas, sprinkle desired amount of celery, cabbage, and olives over the tortillas, roll up and enjoy!
Tags: ethnic food-mexican-burritos
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