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Burrito Love

Thanks for all of the creative and wonderful responses I got for my last entry.  I ended up going with peanut butter cups for my fiance and they turned out really nice.  They need a little more work but for a first batch, I could not have asked for more.  Those pictures are included in this post but you cannot have dessert without eating your veggies first! 

My fiance loves burritos!!  They are one of his favorite things on this earth!  If I ever need to spice up our love life, all I need to do is wrap myself in a flour tortilla!  :-)  I made a vegan burrito spread for our Valentine's day feast last night.  Black beans, spinach leaves, bean sprouts, avacados, seared tofu and spanish rice [scroll down for recipes].

My love burrito. 

Peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches.....

As you can see, the term 'sandwich' is much more fitting that 'cups' since the layers of chocolate didn't really fuse that well.  But who cares!  They were still a hit!   I used <lj user="supercarrot" />'s recipe.

Spanish Rice:

I use my rice cooker and cook the brown rice.  Then I fry it up with some 'butter'  and tomato paste [or catsup], sugar, sea salt, garlic powder and hot sauce.  I usually add roasted bell peppers but I was lazy and they weren't ready by the time the rice was out of the cooker.  *le sigh*   The crosses we bear.

For the tofu, I marinade in Braggs  [or soy sauce] with cayenne pepper, white pepper and garlic powder.  I saute the cubes in a pan with some olive oil. 

This meal is always a hit with my fiance and my four year old child.  She also enjoyed the peanut butter 'sandwiches'  :-)

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