julz (dist0rted) wrote in vegancooking,

white wine spinach tofu

let me start off by saying, i'm not that great of a cook. because of this i rarely try anything new in the kitchen.. but tonight, i was starving.

i threw this together and it tasted really really good:

because it was experimental i didn't measure out anything, but it's mainly a taste test type recipe anyways.
1 package of firm tofu frozen then thawed/drained
several large handfuls of fresh spinach (equivelant of maybe a package of frozen?)
about 6 mushrooms sliced
garlic powder
several pours of white wine
flour (i used white, it's all i had)

1. fry tofu until its golden brown then turn down the heat and add the mushrooms and the spinach
3. add as much garlic powder as you see fit, i used about large 2-3 pinches
2. when spinach and mushrooms look done, throw some white wine into the pan and let soak for a few minutes.
3. next, add the flour in slowly, until you get a consistency that you like. it should look almost like gravy
4. taste.

hopefully you guys will like it as much as i do. i think i actually was trying to mimick my old favorite dish from the olive garden (chicken vino bianco).
Tags: tofu, vegetables-spinach
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