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Veggie meats

I often buy "Yves Veggie ground round" for fake ground meat for my spagettis, taco filling, shepard's pie, lazy cabbage rolls, etc.
However - I cook for 2, and only like to use a third of the package. I found if the opened package sits in the fridge for awhile, the veggie meat goes bad. I would cook leftovers, but my boyfriend and I hate eating leftovers ^___^;; lol.. I lose track of time how long my veggie meats have been in the fridge (I'm a busy student)

If I freeze the ground round, will it be okay?? (are there any other veggie ground types that are freezer friendly?)

also - how long do veggie meats generally last in the fridge?
(I'm hoping my yves veggie deli meat isn't all gone moldy... ick)
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