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Bananas and soy yoghurt

Hello chaps. I have a full tub of soy yoghurt to be used up. I also have a bunch of bananas going off rapidly. I wante to make something tonight. They do not have to be used together. Ideally, I would like to make at least 2 things, and use up all 500ml or so of yoghurt. I will want to make a savoury dish for dinner and would not mind using the yoghurt in that BUT!!! the last time I put yoghurt in a curry it came out deeeesgusting, so good suggestions which will not revolt me are to be appreciated. Excessive raw yoghurty taste does not go down well either.

I should point out I currently have no egg replacers, nutritional yeast, miso or other vegan staples - but do have frozen broad beans, peas, some withering peppers and tomatoes in the fridge which should also be consumed, and most storecupboard items (eg coconut, seeds, oats, yeast, raisins, etc).

Please help me out, all suggestions appreciated!
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