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Mixed vegetable and nuts lettuce wraps

I have never been able to contribute to this community...

...until today.

I have replaced tortillas in my diet with large leafs of romaine lettuce, so I usually eat lettuce wraps for lunch/dinner. Today I was starving for something that wasn't RAW sooo I made these awesome stir-fry wraps!

First I heat up 1/4 cup of almond slices and some sunflower seeds (probably around a tablespoon) in a small skillet sprayed with Pam. Then I added around 2 tablespoons of chopped onions. Then I quartered carrot sticks, separated pieces of broccoli, and chopped up 2 button mushrooms and added those in. I let them heat up at a medium heat to make sure they got all the flavors though.

Then I took two leafs of romaine lettuce and 1/10 of a large avocado. I mushed up the avocado piece and spread some on each leaf. Then I added the stir-fry mix. After I sprinkled some Greek Seasoning on the top for more flavor.

I ate this along with slices of pear and apple, and it was delicious! The slices came in handy and acted as crackers for the stirfry that spilled out of the wrap.

Well, hope this was easy to understand, and I hope you all try it! Sorry I don't have pictures, but I only realized I should post this after I was done!
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