seo hyun hye (girlgirl) wrote in vegancooking,
seo hyun hye

raspberry blackout cake

Does anyone have a recipe for the "raspberry blackout cake w/ganache frosting"? I know I saw it in the Vegan with a Vengeance book and I want to make it for my friend tomorrow, but I can't find the darn book for the life of me! Even if it's not the exact recipe, some other type of cake similar to it, perhaps?

Thank you very much.

PS: Another thing: Are there any Korean vegans on this community? If there are, I'd love to hear of any korean dishes made vegan. (So many are made with meat, meat broths, eggs, fish, and etc. :( )
Tags: desserts-cakes-chocolate, desserts-cakes-fruit, ethnic food-korean
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