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king cake results!

Thanks to the bomb-diggity recipe on kittee's site and the snazzy p33ps around here who pointed me in its direction the other day, a king cake was enjoyed by about half a dozen nonvegans and one vegan last night. Nobody found the bean, which may have been a good thing, as tipsy folks plus hidden hard dry objects might equal Heimlichful disaster.

Due to having only a long, rectangular cookie sheet, and due to not pinching the seams quite as tightly as I should have, it turned out a bit yonic:

We actually didn't lose that much filling, and the cake disappeared, piece by piece, as the night progressed. Everyone was amazed at the l337 cake-crafting skills, and at the pretty damn good flavor of vegan cream cheese. I think the icing was what suprised me the most. It didn't taste like cornstarch like most powdered sugar glazes do.

My small changes/options:

-swapping Frangelico for Disaronno and lemon in the frosting
-adding the remainder of a tub of sour supreme to the cream cheeze filling
-using cinnamon-sugar and cream cheese filling together instead of cherry
-halving the recipe

You've still got until Tuesday, technically, to make one! So go do it! It makes small dogs jump for joy!

Tags: desserts-cakes-king cakes, ethnic food-american, holiday food-shrove tuesday/mardi gras
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