moxie (moxieibiza) wrote in vegancooking,

Chili-making advice, please!

I want to prepare chili for my moderately-picky, meat-eating boyfriend this weekend. He's a big fan of chili, but never had any vegetarian ones.

I'm thinking of using some sort of veggie crumbles so it's kinda "meaty".. In the memories, someone suggested using sweet potatoes, which I think sounds awesome, too. Furthermore, I might use corn or creamed corn, and I don't want to use too many beans because he's used to "meaty," not "beany" (or "vegetable-y") chili. Maybe I could add lentils or seitan to mix up the texture?

Are there any other main ingredients/vegetables I should use to make spectacular chili for an omnivore? (Apart from the basic herbs & spices, onions, tomatoes, etc.) What are your other awesome chili-making secrets?

Thanks in advance for your advice!
Tags: -adapting recipes, beans(uncategorized), ethnic food-mexican-chili, soups (uncategorizable), tvp (textured vegetable protein), vegetables-sweet potatoes/yams
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