compostwoman (compostwormbin) wrote in vegancooking,

Soy free protein in a stir fry?

Stir frys are so healthful and they are something my husband an I really enjoy. However I am slightly sensitive to soy and my husband doesn't care for tofu or bean curd. It seems like I can get away with using a small amount of Bragg's (like soy sauce), but I don't want to include any additional soy product. I added mung bean sprouts thinking that they would replace the missing protein but was disappointed to discover when I entered them into my food journal that they're not particularly protein rich. Do you have any suggestions for soy-free ways of incorporating a good amount of protein in a stir fry while keeping it vegan? Is there a suitable non-soy vegan replacement for Braggs or soy sauce that I could use to flavor a stir fry if my soy sensitivity worsens? Thanks for your help.
Tags: -adapting recipes, -allergies-soy, stir-fry
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