orangeclouds115 (orangeclouds115) wrote in vegancooking,

Awesome Tasty Wrap

Back when I lived in Virginia, I used to get the same salad every weekend. I can't remember what the hell it had in it, but I remember the basic idea behind it. So... take out the meat and cheese, add some more veggies, and voila! I've got my salad back. Except since I'm too lazy to use such civilized objects as forks, I made it a wrap.

Eat up!

My awesome wrap with mixed baby greens, corn, dried Medjool dates, jicama, tomatoes, and a fruity vinaigrette

P.S. If anyone's into eating local & seasonal foods... yeah. Save this one for summer :(
Tags: greens(uncategorized), quick-meals, seasonal recipes-summer, seeds-sunflower, vegetables-corn, vegetables-tomatoes, wraps
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