Melanie (melaniemonkey) wrote in vegancooking,

question about chocolate syrup (Ahlaska)

I just made a chocolate tofu pie this morning (you know the one where you blend in the blender and pour in a graham pie crust) and thought I'd be crafty and drizzle some of that Ahlaska chocolate syrup on it. I did it and it looked really nice and fancy because I did it in a criss-cross fashion however after a couple of minutes the chocolate syrup lines spread out and after having put it in the fridge it's just not as pretty as I would have liked (envisioned)

SO my question for the community is what are your techniques? Would you have let it chill in the refrigerator PRIOR to drizzling chocolate or would doing that not make the chocolate drizzles stick? Tell me your secrets to this! I want to make pretty desserts
Tags: desserts-chocolates
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