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prostibuli eligantia.

temporary stay.

I will be staying with a friend of mine fairly soon. I will be at his house for four days. He is not vegan, and his fridge basically has condiments and frozen meaty pot pies in it.

I will be stopping at Whole Foods and buying groceries, but I'm wondering what to get? I reluctant to spend money on things that I usually have in the house (like vegenaise, earth balance and other vegan substitutes) because they are a little pricey and I probably couldn't eat them all in four days, and he won't eat them after I leave.

Help me plan a shopping list (total cost of groceries being under $50 could be great) and some meals.

He does not have a microwave, spices beyond salt and pepper, and limited cookware. We're talking a frying pan, a small saucepan and maybe (he's not sure) a baking dish. I suck at cooking rice without a rice cooker.

I know I can count on you guys. Help me!

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