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what to cook for someone with serious restrictions...

I've recently met someone that would LOVE to eat vegan more often but can't because of certain health restrictions. It has something to do with amino acids - he can't really eat grains, nuts, chocolate, soy or alcohol. Well he can have them but it has to be in really limited amounts. Yesterday he accompanied me to a vegan restaurant and had a few bites of my absolutely delicious slice of choc raspberry vegan cheesecake (if anyone on here is ever in Brisbane - go to The Forest in the West End (124 Boundary St)for vegan yumminess)and then in the evening he had a glass and a half of wine (a friend of ours made us dinner - it was really nice - he is Italian ( as in from Italy) and he made pasta and a sauce out of diced tomatoes, zuchinni and bell pepper (or capscicum as they call them here) with oregano, salt and pepper - yum!! and Topher (the guy with all of the restrictions) and I made a salad)but by having done this he might have screwed up his stomach for a week (so he said - b/c he had a little something to drink the night before - he called it an experiment - seing what his body will do that is). After he had the vegan cheesecake he said he would need to have some milk later to balance himself out. He generally eats a lot of milk/diary and fish he says. He was vegetarian for a few months and vegan for a few weeks once but says he really can't do it because of his health restrictions. At one point he lived off of nuts and grains unaware of his condition. I love cooking for people so what can I make for this guy? I was going to make a stirfry but I wouldn't be able to put any nuts or tofu in it - or I guess I could if he just didn't eat that part of it. Thats probably what i'll do tonight since I want to invite them all over for dinner. Does anyone have any innovative *but cheapish as far as ingredients go* veg/fruit filled recipes - those are both safe - except he also can't really eat citrus. And yes for those of you that are wondering --- I could be interested in him for more than a friendship.

Thanks guys for your help on this one! :)

*~Mimi*~ O:-)
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