wefoughtharder (wefoughtharder) wrote in vegancooking,

Worthington/Loma Linda CANNED (!?) 'meats'

Okay. So I finally gave in to my curiosity about this seemingly disgusting food (canned meat, real or fake, has always seemed really insane to me) and bought some. I bought one can of the 'burger' and one can of the hotdogs. the burger is what i whipped out first. basically you open the can on both ends, press said burger log out, slice, cook.

it tastes funny. but i want to like it and i think i can like it! so, my question for you guys is:

do you have experience with these canned burgers? is there anything i can add to them other than condiments to make them taste better? so far i've thought maybe sesame oil in the frying pan...not sure though.

any reviews or tips about ANY worthington farms canned 'meats' (i still cant believe it every time i type it!) would be greatly appreciated. i'm stuck in this spot where thinking about what i just consumed makes me sort of want to gag, sort of want to eat more. help!
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