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Easy fakechicken parmisan(sp?) tortilla lettucey thing

random + creative = yum!

Today I threw together something quick that came out surprisingly good...
Take a vegan fakechicken patty, heat it up, then put a tortilla down in a toaster oven.. put the fakechicken in the middle, pour over enough spaghetti-or-marinara-sauce to cover it, and cover with one layer of Tofutti fake-mozarella-cheese (omg..the first dairy-free cheese I've tried and LIKED) Heat in toaster oven (or regular oven) at like 360 - 380 degrees until the naked border of tortilla gets brown and crispy. Take it out, put some fresh lettuce decoratively on the plate, and ta-dah!
Cut bites out of it like slices from a pizza and tear off a piece of lettuce and put it on top.
Holy crap it was good. And quick and easy :D
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