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Keylime Pie sans Cream Cheeze

Hello Dear Vegans,

I went to the store today and there was a bunch of lovely looking limes, so I bought 10!

I want to make a keylime pie, but all the recipes I find call for cream cheese of sorts. Is it possible to make it with out the cream cheeze some how, or should I just hold off and get some tomorrow?

Things I have that might make this work:
- So many limes.
- Graham cracker crust.
- Silken tofu
- Silk creamer
- Soy milks of various flavours
- Creamed coconut (something cool might come out of this?)
- Various sweeteners
- Cornstarch/Arrowroot
- Nutri-whip for topping.
- Spunk and moxie.

I was thinking about using this recipe, with lime. But I don't have any egg replacer. Could silken tofu go into this some how.

Also, candying the lime zest for topping? Good idea? Bad idea?

Thanks the for the million dinner ideas, friends.
Tags: desserts-pie-key lime/lemon meringue
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