Na zdraví (ellettra) wrote in vegancooking,
Na zdraví

homemade tofu pate?

hello all!
i have been trolling through the memories section for the last half hour, and while i have found several note-worthy things i now want to try, i did not find what i was looking for.

i want to make my own tofu pate, like the Toby's Tofu Pate.

i THINK i could just make it based on intuition, but it never hurts to have a recipe from which to base ideas. i'm also sorta thinking it might be made like tofu "egg" salad, except blended more finely?

anyway, if anyone has any recipes or ideas, i would be most grateful. i'm going to try to tag this post for future reference for others as well.

thanks in advance!
Tags: hors d'oeuvre
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