DancingWolfGrrl (dancingwolfgrrl) wrote in vegancooking,

Food and exercising!

I checked the memories and tags and didn't see anything obviously pertaining to this, but I apologize anyway if it's been discussed previously.

I'm training for a long bike ride this summer (128 miles, from Boston to Provincetown) and have started thinking about what to eat on the ride. I've found vegan energy bars and such, but I need some "real foods" that are super-easy to digest and can be easily transported and eaten either while riding or at brief rest stops. That rules out most of my favorite meals, as they need utensils! I'm looking both for carb-based food and for protein sources. Sandwiches and fruit are the usual choices, but to complicate things further, I'm allergic to yeast and only like a few fruits!

Any ideas on ride foods, vegan nutrition while training, or related topics will be gratefully received. Thanks so much!
Tags: -high energy foods, pack friendly foods/camping trips
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