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PIE and other baking substitution issues

I'm a pretty inexperienced cook, but as soon as I get my own kitchen to work in, I want to start baking up a storm. Before I begin, I have a couple of questions about substitutions.

First--is it usually ok to simply take any old recipe for muffins, cookies, cakes etc and use Vegan equivalents (egg replacer, soy milk, Earth Balance shortening, butter, etc)? Assuming the consistencies and textures match, I mean.

For example...I have always LOVED Apple and Rhubarb pie with a buttery crumb topping (as in The Joy of Cooking's recipe), and I was wondering if they could be made vegan. I don't think the recipe calls for eggs, just pie crust, fruit/sugar filling, and then the butter and brown suger topping. What product could I use, since butter needs to be very cold, hard and solid when being made into crumb topping? And it needs to have a good taste, since it's used in a large quantity.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this isn't tagged properly (I don't know how to do it!)
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