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Hodgepodge Dinner

I come from a family that is Irish on one side and Russian on the other, so I was raised in a tradition where many dishes are actually leftovers of other dishes, thrown together. For instance, stew was made from the leftovers of Sunday's roast. And casseroles were made from leftovers of brunches or what not.

Since I became a strict-vegetarian-working-towards-veganism, I've been experimenting with Middle Eastern-style dishes, but I kinda missed my Hodgepodge Dinners.

I put one together last night with success. I used the following leftovers I had sitting in tupperwares:

*Curried couscous
*Baked black beans
*Hash browns
*Fakin-Bacon Tempeh Slices

I mixed them together in a Pyrex bowl, poured some tomato soup over the top, and covered the mixture with some vegan cheese slices. Then I baked it in the oven at 350 until the cheese melted and the soup was bubbling up around the edges - about 10 minutes.

I thought it was a good-tasting comfort food.

Oh, and: does anyone else have any Hodgpodge dinners they'd like to share with me? Does anyone know of a vegan cheese that isn't so rubber-y?
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