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Cooking anniversary dinner together, and cooking for dogs

Easter's going to be a big triple holiday for us, it seems. My boyfriend and I will have been together one year, our dog will be turning 2, and my family's dog will have been with us for a whole year as well. So! Your suggestions are needed.

-We're broke and don't want the stress of coming up with the perfect gifts for each other, so the Boy and I are cooking dinner together. What would you suggest that's yummy but fairly simple (he can't cook much beyond ham and eggs) and has good omni appeal? I made him sesame "chicken" for Valentine's and I got carryout orange tofu for White Day, so Chinese is either old and boring, or a great standby.

When it comes to dessert: it might be asking for disaster, but as he can't justify the price of Cadbury eggs, and as I miss them dearly, we might try to whip some up together according to this recipe from the memories. I'm thinking the chocolate-dipping process might be easier with egg-shaped molds to rest everything in.

-The dogs are each getting a small carob cake. The birthday boy loves soyogurt and peanut butter, so that takes care of frosting for his cake. But what about our other little guy? He won't touch peanut butter (weird, I know), but might like soyogurt, though that needs another ingredient to help firm it up. Also, does anyone know what amount of sugar will give the cakes a good flavor but not upset the doggies' stomachs?

On top of each frosted cake will be a small amount of ice cream in the shape of a dog. Carob chips for eyes, nose, spots, whatever. Here's an easily adapted, healthy recipe that's way better than those Frosty Paws cups sold in stores (which are overpriced and nothing but animal fat and milk derivatives, blech). I'm going to try subbing in pumpkin for PB.

EDIT: Sorry, I accidentally tagged it Halloween and I can't undo it!
Tags: foods that non-vegans would like, holiday food-easter/ostara/zombie day, pet-foods
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