anonymous (la_vida_hermosa) wrote in vegancooking,

"Cheesy" flavor without nutritional yeast or vegan cheese?

Unfortunately, I am another one of those posters who has a question rather than a recipe or pretty pictures. Inspired by the mac n'cheese question below, here it is:

Is is possible in any way to get a "cheesy flavor" (for mac n'cheese, grilled cheese, whatever) without using any nutritional yeast or (obviously) buying a vegan cheese substitute?

I am currently living in Argentina and I have yet to find either of the above products anywhere (even in the super-cool vegetarian health-food store around the corner!). Then again, I don't have any idea what "nutritional yeast" would be referred to in Spanish. So an answer to that inquiry would also be appreciated. Thanks!!
Tags: -terminology, substitutes-dairy-cheese
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