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Tasty eggplant shitake sautee

Now I'm not vegan, at all, but I love cooking. So when I started dating a vegan (he also won't eat wheat or soy so it's extra complicated for me) I began adjusting my recipes and coming up with new ones. This one was my very first try at vegan cooking which turned out amazing. He was super impressed too. Sorry this is not very technical I just threw it all together until it seemed like it would taste good and it did. Adjust as needed. This fed the two of us, and were big eaters, and we still had leftovers.

1 large eggplant cut up into bits
Enough baby red potatos to about equal the amount of the eggplant, cut up into cubes
3 cloves or so of crushed garlic
Dried thyme
Olive oil, lot's of it
Fresh shitake mushrooms

Over a medium medium high heat I started by sauteeing the potatos in the olive oil until they were almost done and then setting them aside on a plate. In the same pan I added more olive oil and the eggplant bits. You have to keep adding olive oil because the eggplant soaks it up like a sponge. Continue by sprinkling on lot's of thyme and the crushed garlic and tossed it with the eggplant so it was all evenly mixed. When the eggplant just began to look soft and translucent I added the mushrooms to cook, again toss to get everything evenly coated with the olive oil/thyme/garlic. Add more to taste. When things started looking done I added the potatos to re-heat and finish cooking and to coat them with the olive oil/thyme/garlic.
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