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Oh my! Plantains!

So I have some plantains and am at a complete loss as to what to do with them. I'm thinking of trying a few different recipes, just for kicks. There are some recipes in the memories, but I thought I'd share some of the other interesting ones I've come across in my search for the perfect plantain recipe (it's been a fun belly-grumbling search!)

I found this one in a non-vegan cookbook, but I think it is easily veganized!

3 or 4 green plantains, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch pieces
2 tablespoonfuls of ground garlic
1 tablespoonful of olive oil
4 slices of (veg)bacon


Sautee the (veg)bacon slices. Add the garlic and olive oil. While that is going on, fry the plantain slices over medium to medium-high heat in a deep pan with your favorite frying oil. Remove when they begin to turn crisp. Using a large mortar, grind the plantain slices, a few at a time, adding the (veg)bacon and seasoning mixture slowly. The plantains should form a thick, hard blend. OR: hollow each ball out in the middle and fill with any tasty dish in a sauce.

3 or 4 large green plantains
Adobo or seasoning to taste (garlic salt, ground pepper, ground oregano)

Peel the plantains. Discard the rinds.
Grate using the largest blades in your manual grater or its equivalent in any of the mechanical grating devices. Leave the pieces as long as you possibly can.
Season thoroughly, to taste
Fry in very hot oil, a few pieces at a time. Don't worry if they all get tangled together and look like a bird's nest. That's part of the effect. Remove them when they are golden in color and set over paper towels to soak the frying oil.
Use them as a side dish as a tasty substitute for French fries or serve them on their own as appetizers.

Anyone recommend a recipe?
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