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Changing tastes - snack/lunch alternatives

I'm not sure if there are maybe similar posts to this, but maybe along slightly different lines. I seem to be "going off" several things I did like and am stuck as to what to eat during the day - mainly lunches and snacks.

The main thing is lunches - peanut butter sandwiches were quick and easy to make in the morning, but I'm really going off them. What can I have instead? All I can really think of is hummus, or salad.

The other problem is that I tend to eat nuts for snacks, and the thought is beginning to make me feel sick. I don't find fruit filling enough so what could I have at work that is not messy or overly processed? I'm one of these people that needs to eat every 2/3 hours so I need plenty of small meal/snack ideas.

I also seem to be going off bananas...

I think my problem is that I'm eating the same things every day (apart from evening meals). I don't have much time to prepare breakfast or make my lunch (I'm out all day). What do other people do that's relatively simple?


ETA: I maybe should add that, although pretty much recovered, I've suffered from bulimia for years. I therefore tend to try to make just what I need in the evening so there aren't any leftovers... so having leftovers for lunch the next day is not practical for me.

Also, I'm from the UK and wouldn't know a Luna bar if it came and slapped me in the face ;-)
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